We then look at what the future holds for data privacy with the ePR (ePrivacy Regulation), and how it will impact the world of metadata and cookie storage.

Our refresher guide is the ultimate directory for the regulation and will bring you up to speed with everything you need to know in terms of digital analytics and the GDPR. We aim to be as transparent as possible about how we handle your data – and crystal clear on how we can keep you safe in today’s regulated world of data privacy.

In this guide, you'll find:


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We're committed to respecting users' privacy and promoting the fundamental values of data protection.


one year on - making sure you're compliant

Updated in 2019

We are fully transparent on
the type of data we store

Our Analytics data is all
stored within the EU

We have a dedicated DPO
to ensure full compliance

Stored in the EU

Part two provides you with a comparison of the regulation and AT Internet’s compliance guarantee:


We never share 
your data


GDPR-compliance boosts 
your data quality and ROI

Implemented just over a year ago in May 2018, the GDPR covers all businesses and organisations that collect or use personal data from users in the EU. On the one-year anniversary of the regulation, our new guide highlights why it’s more important than ever to make sure you’re GDPR-compliant.

The GDPR is complex regulation with a detailed legal framework. It’s also unprecedented for data privacy in the EU as it comes with risk of large fines for companies that are non-compliant. We've put together this information as a GDPR refresher to help you ensure that your data processing is in line with the regulation.

In the guide we take stock of the developments over the first year of the GDPR as well as implications for the future. We then put the microscope on personal data and analytics, and dive into the details of the CNIL fine against Google.

"In the wake of these scandals and relentless breaches, has the GDPR had any effect at all?"

Cyril Mazeau, Admin/Finance Director, AT Internet

Made in France, Hosted in the EU

It’s a year since the GDPR was brought in, and it’s been a busy 12 months!

  • A background of the first 12 months of the GDPR
  • A quick refresher on the legal framework of the regulation – defining personal data in the context of analytics
  • The GDPR fines so far including the background of the CNIL fine on Google
  • A comparison between the regulation and how to guarantee your analytics is 100% compliant with AT Internet – why you’re better off with us!
  • The range of privacy benefits of using AT Internet’s Analytics Suite – the only European independent digital analytics provider
  • A snapshot of what the coming months and year hold for data privacy

Ensuring that your data collection 
is GDPR-compliant also boosts 
your data quality and ROI.
Better privacy practices drive revenue!